Seminars and Meetings

Frequent exchange with the scientific community is essential to keep your knowledge up to date, to receive critical feedback concerning your own project and to establish your own scientific network as well as to meet potential collaborators.  

Cologne Seminars on Ageing:

The joint seminar series organized by CECAD, the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing and the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research features seminars by leading researchers in the field of ageing from Germany and abroad.


Researchers with a strong interest in mitochondrial biology can participate in this regular seminar series organized through the MPI for Biology of Ageing (Prof. Nils-Göran Larsson) and CECAD (Prof. Thomas Langer).

Other seminars:

A plethora of other seminars are offered through the various collaborative research centres, and departments, providing a stimulating scholarly environment. To view other current seminars and lectures, please choose:

Graduate Symposium

The CGA Graduate Symposium is an integral part of our graduate programme. It is a festive event which gives our third year graduating students the opportunity to present their work.

Local conferences and meetings

Partner institutes also host a number of international meetings with leaders in the field that students are encouraged to attend. These include the Cologne Spring Meeting, the Klenk Symposium, and others (e.g. Crossroads in Biology).

International Conferences and Meetings

Each student is encouraged to attend international meetings to present his or her own research work to the scientific community. To this end, we provide our students with a travel grant of €1,000 per year.