Cost of living

The cost of living in Cologne is around €800-1,000 €/month, depending mainly on the type of accommodation.

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Cost of living in Cologne

Living in Cologne

We offer assistance in obtaining a room at a student residence which are available through the Cologne Students' Association for all students enrolled at the University of Cologne. The rent for a room is typically around €200-300/month. Private accommodation can be found online. Costs vary depending on the type of accommodation.

Semester Contribution

There is no tuition fee in Germany. Only an obligatory semester contribution of approx. €290 has to be paid for the public transport pass in the federal state North-Rhine Westphalia. It also covers the cost of insurance against accidents on the campus, use of the university sports facilities, and social insurance contributions for the University of Cologne. PhD candidates have to be enrolled as a student in order to be eligible for the final PhD examination.