Promoting a healthy working environment

As part of our aim to maintain high quality standards of graduate training and supervision, we support the health and wellbeing of all CGA members.

This support is reflected in our many workshops, webinars and events related to mental health and wellbeing and includes a conflict mediation approach, personal and professional coaching offers and a Mental Health First Aid Programm.

Are you a CGA PhD student looking for support with a conflict, an issue that is affecting your wellbeing, or even a crisis situation?

Please get in touch with the CGA coordinators, your current PhD representatives or the mental health first aiders listed below! We are all here for you!

If you would like to contact resources outside of the CGA, here are some places you may find helpful:

  1. Employee and Manager Assistance Program (EMAP):
    If you need help solving problems that affect your mental well-being, the EMAP of the Max Planck Society offers free and immediate support by phone, online or in person.

  2. Psychological counselling at the study service centre at the University of Cologne:
    Here all enrolled students can receive psychological counselling tailored to their needs.

  3. Counselling Centres at the University in the Areas of Diversity and Equal Opportunities:
    Here you can find specific counselling services offered by the University of Cologne.

  4. Student Health Management at the University of Cologne:
    All students enrolled at the University of Cologne can benefit from these services in the area of mental health and well-being.


What is MHFA?

MFHA is the German version of the Australian Mental Health First Aid Programm which is spread over 26 countries. The German network is operated by the “Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit“ with support of the “Dietmar Hopp Foundation“ and in partnership with the “Beisheim Foundation”. 


Almost everyone knows someone around them who suffers or suffered from psychological problems. The CGA actively promotes trained MHFA as contact persons for doctoral candidates who are also able to actively approach people and offer support.

The earlier affected people receive support, the higher are their chances for recovery.

What to expect?

The CGA MFHA counsel on the basis of first aid measures during arising psychological health issues as well as acute psychological crises. Every CGA member can make use of this support free of charge.


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