Workshop: Effective visual communication of Science

11/07/2024 | Calendar

July 11, 2024

Jernej Zupanc, July 11, 2024
self-learning period from June 6 (approx. 5 hours of online, self-study) and live Zoom workshop on July 11, 9 am – 1:30 pm
More information:
Aim: You will learn to visually communicate your complex research ideas and results so your messages are effortlessly understood by any specific audience (scientists or non-scientists). We will not focus on aesthetics but on how knowledge on human visual perception can help you create effective scientific images, slides, and posters. You will design a graphical abstract of your research, discuss it with peer scientists in a group exercise, and get actionable advice and feedback on your own images and slides. It is an immersive workshop, comprehensive, structured, memorable, easy to follow, useful and fun.
Content: The training is offered as blended learning that combines a self-study module and an online workshop.
Self-study via an online platform  (12-month access):
•    Communicating with scientific vs non-scientific audiences
•    Visual perception and what humans find intuitive
•    Layout: simplifying comprehension through a structured layout
•    Eye-flow: effortlessly guide the audience through the design
•    Colors: how to amplify, not ‘fancify’
•    Typography for legibility, structure and aesthetics
•    Slides that amplify messages and don't distract when presenting
•    Posters: strategy and process for creating posters that attract and explain
•    Homework: you submit your images and slides for feedback.
Online Workshop (self-study module partial completion mandatory):
•    Recap and Q&A: an effective review of self-study topics and optional 1-on-1 consulting with facilitator to address your individual challenges.
•    Feedback on submitted materials: you will get actionable suggestions on how to improve your own scientific images and slides.
•    Graphical abstract drawing exercise: you will draw a sketch of your research
•    Group peer-instruction exercise: we make groups so everyone learns to give and receive informed feedback to peers.

Target group: PhDs, Master fellows and Postdocs
Venue: online