Fast Forward project management programme

24/04/2023 | Calendar

April 24 - June 19, 2023

by Nadine Sinclair, from April 24, 2023 on:
Time: April 24 - June 19, 2023,
Course content
Fast Forward is an online learning and coaching programme where PhDs and postdocs are trained in the principles of agile project management. Different from traditional workshops, the participants apply project management skills to their own projects straight away and receive feedback and guidance from a researcher and experienced project manager. The programme spans a period of 7 weeks and combines different learning scenarios:

  • All participants will get access to online workbooks and templates that introduce key principles of project management and help you to apply these principles to your own research projects. Hence, you have to invest some time per week for this self-paced online learning.
  • Mandatory weekly Wednesday live Q&A sessions via Zoom @17:00-18:00 for 7 consecutive weeks (between April 24 and June 9), in which a professional trainer will support you with the implementation of the learned principles and address open questions.
  • Optional weekly 60-minute implementation sessions in which you set aside time to apply learned principles together with other participants of the programme.

Target group: PhDs
Venue: online