Prof. Dr. Jens C. Brüning

Research Area: Neuronal Control of ageing and metabolism


1. Research Background:

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is constantly instructed about the energy state of the organism via hormonal and nutritional signals. It then coordinately regulates a wide array of behavioral and autonomic responses to adapt energy intake, energy expenditure, and nutrient flux across different organs, according to energy availability of the organism. Dysregulation of these homeostatic circuits causes prevalent diseases, such as obesity and type-2 diabetes mellitus, which are on an epidemic rise in industrialized societies. The overall aim of our research group is to unravel the fundamental regulatory principles of how neurons sense nutritional cues and then to determine the neurocircuitry responsible for the coordinated adaptation of behavioral and autonomic outputs. Moreover, we aim to identify molecular and physiological mechanisms for alterations in these pathways during the development of obesity and type-2 diabetes mellitus.

2. Research questions addresses by the group:

Our work aims at elucidating the role of hypothalamic neurocircuits in control of behavioural response and peripheral tissue function in control of metabolic homeostasis and aging. We are also working on defining the role of non-cell autonomous regulation in control of aging.

3. Possible projects:

  • Hypothalamic control of non-cell autonomous UPR-regulation
  • Functional neurocircuits in the regulation of systemic stress responses

4. Applied Methods and model organisms:

  • State-of the art transgenic mouse models
  • molecular systems neuroscience, i.e. optogenetics, chemogenetics, neurocircuit mapping
  • systemic screens, transcriptomics, phosphoproteomics, lipidomics
  • Functional tests in vitro

5. Desirable skills and qualifications:

  • Strong interest in CNS dependent control of aging and disease
  • High motivation and ability of critical thinking
  • Ideally background in neuroscience

6. References:

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