Workshop: Resilience and Well-Being

07/11/2022 | Calendar

November 7, 2022 with follow-ups on Nov 14, 28 & Dec 12

by Desiree Dickerson, November 7, 2022 with follow-ups on Nov 14, 28 & Dec 12:
Time: November 7: 9 am - 12 pm, all follow ups: 10 - 11:30 am
Course content: In this half-day workshop, we will: Begin to explore how you think, because how you think determines how you feel, act and interact in the world. Learn to see how our thoughts shape how you perceive your work and how you engage with the environment around you. Recognise when it is enhancing or sabotaging your motivation, enjoyment and success for what you do. Learn to see the role it plays and learn to identify behaviour patterns (e.g. procrastination, rumination, avoidance & worry) that maintain those thinking patterns. More importantly, learn to reshape them to serve you and your goals. Follow-up sessions give you a chance to build on the concepts developed in the half-day workshop. A chance to identify those behaviour patterns in situ that are hurting you more than helping you. An opportunity to put new concepts into practice and trouble shoot what is working and what is not. And perhaps most importantly, a chance to work through these challenges and to continue learning from your peers.
Target group: PhDs
Venue: digital event