CGA Graduate Symposium 2024


Celebrating our CGA graduates at the 12th CGA Graduate Symposium

The 12th graduate symposium held at the Max Planck Institute for the Biology of Ageing on June 6th, was a vibrant showcase of groundbreaking research, intellectual exchange, and community spirit. The symposium brought together the 10 graduating PhD students from the CGA Class of 2020, three distinguished keynote speakers, and all CGA students and faculty, culminating in an inspiring celebration of academic excellence and innovation.

Our PhD candidates, each dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, took the stage one by one. Their presentations not only showcased their scientific rigor but also their passion for advancing the field of aging biology. It was truly inspiring to witness the culmination of four years of relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation and the audience was captured by the depth and quality of the talks.

Besides our 10 graduating students, three keynote speakers Markus Landthaler (Max Delbrück Center, Berlin, Germany), Manuel Serrano (Altos Labs, Cambridge, UK) and Diana Jurk (Mayo Cinic, Rochester, USA) enriched the sessions with their inspirational presentations. Their talks about post-transcriptional regulation, cellular rejuvenation and the role of cellular senescence in cognitive decline, added immense value to the symposium, encouraging our students to continue their pursuit of knowledge with vigor and imagination and sparked lively discussions among attendees.

The grand finale of the symposium was the eagerly awaited graduation ceremony, where the 10 students from the Class of 2020 received their CGA transcripts. It was a moment of pride and joy as we recognized the outstanding contributions of our PhD students. Each award recipient was celebrated not only for their academic achievements but also for their dedication, perseverance, and the unique perspectives they bring to their fields. “Seeing the beaming faces of our students as they accepted their graduation transcripts was a highlight of the day. These moments of recognition are a testament to the incredible journey each student undertakes in their academic and personal growth”, said Daniela Morick and Franziska Ottens, the managing coordinators of the CGA.

Following the symposium, the celebration continued with a delightful and delicious dinner. Students, guests and faculty mingled, sharing stories, laughter, and a sense of accomplishment. The 12th CGA Graduate Symposium was a testament to the remarkable progress in aging research and the strong sense of community within the CGA Graduate School Thank you to everyone who made this day unforgettable.