Class 2011

Colin Donohoe (USA/Ireland)
Current position: Scientist R&D, Qiagen, Hilden, Germany
PhD Thesis and Group: "Atf3 Bridges the Gap Between Cell Polarity and the Nucleus" (Prof. Mirka Uhlirova)

Annette Hofer (Germany)
Current position: Medical Benefit Assessment Scientist, AstraZeneca GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
PhD Thesis and Group: "Role of SIRT3 and GCN5L1 in regulation of biogenesis and structural organization of the respiratory chain through reversible lysine acetylation"
Contact: hofera[at]

Pranav Kelkar (India)
Current position: Medical Information Manager, Novartis, Hyderabad, India
PhD Thesis and Group: "Characterizing novel functions of Nesprin-2" (Prof. Angelika Noegel)
Awards/Fellowships: "Award of Excellence" Novartis 2016
"EMBL travel fellowship" 2014
Contact: pranavgs[at]

Dennis Lal (Germany)
Current position: Research Scientist, Broad Institute of Harvard and M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, USA & group leader, University of Cologne, Germany
PhD Thesis and Group: "Rare genetic risk factors in common idiopathic epilepsy syndromes" (Prof. Peter Nürnberg)
Awards/Fellowships: Research grant, Köln Fortune Foundation, 02/2017
Research grant, Dravet Foundation, 11/2016
Young investigator grant, University of Cologne, 10/2015
German Society of Human Genetics, prize for "best PhD thesis nationwide", 04/2015
German Academic Exchange Service, 2-year fully-funded postdoctoral fellowship, 03/2015
Klaus-Liebrecht Award for best PhD thesis at the University of Cologne, 01/2015
1st place poster prize at the EuroEPINOMICS Meeting, 11/2013
Contact: dlal[at]

Susanne Vorhagen (Germany)
Current position: Trainee Medical Advising, Antwerpes AG, Cologne, Germany
PhD Thesis and Group: "aPKCλ function in epidermal asymmetric cell division and carcinogenensis" (Prof. Carien Niessen)
Awards/Fellowships: CECAD Travel Grant, 2015
ADF poster prize, Annual Meeting Germany Society for Dermatology Research, 2015
ESDR Travel Grant, 2013
EMBO Poster Prize, Stem Cells in Cancer 2nd Annual Cambridge Stem Cell International Symposium, 2012