Introduction Module


The Graduate School central office facilitates your entry into our graduate programme. Our foreign students, in particular, receive help and support in starting their life in Germany. On arrival we assist you with your accommodation, registration with the authorities and settling into German society.  The office also provides general and logistic support throughout the programme.


Our doctoral programme starts with an intensive orientation phase to familiarize you with all aspects of the graduate programme and introduce you to the different laboratories and research environment of our institutes.

Presentation of Research Groups

More than 50 internationally recognized Principle Investigators (PIs), from partner institutes in Cologne and Bonn participate in our Graduate School. Presentations of the PIs give you an extensive overview of the scientific community, the PIs, and their research activities.

Laboratory Rotations

The Introduction Module continues with short visits to participating labs followed by three laboratory rotations, each lasting one week, in research groups of your choice. These short rotations help familiarize you with the research focus of the respective groups and enable you to meet the various group members.

Home lab decision

Once the rotations are completed, students and PIs consider the options and come to a mutual agreement for the allocation of students to the home labs for the individual doctoral projects.